Who We Are

Tar Emirates construction/Contracting & Transport has been an established company since 2004, which is registered with the Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi-UAE. It has been an integrated construction, infrastructure development and management company in UAE. Our company has been doing a wide range of constructions and infrastructure projects in various sectors such as Airport Infrastructure, Urban & Rural Roads and Earthworks. Tar Emirates is a professional Construction Company organized around a core of qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians. We have a wide experience in Construction of Rigid Pavement (Slipform Paver GHP 2800), Flexible Pavement (PMB / Non-PMB), Wet Mix, Cut & Fill, Earth Works, Pavement Marking, Drainage, Sewerage, Kerbstone, Interlocking Works and Street Light

Our Mission

Tar Emirates aspires to be the recognized leader in the construction industry. We committed to deliver our services across Airport Construction, Road Construction and Building construction Projects all over UAE. We are always ambitious to provide high values to our clients and community with a great dedication in providing safe and high quality services.

Our Vision

Tar Emirates aspires to evolve through exploring and adopting advanced technologies, industrial changes depending on our clientele needs. We continuously diversify our skills and methods to distinguish us from our challengers to foster our clientele.

Our Values

We expect all our employees to internalize and uphold the Tar Emirates Values in the way we conduct our business every day, every way.

We conduct our business in an open, honest and ethical manner. We always believe in building client’s loyalty by the simple acts that businesses and employees portray. Being fair and transparent to our clients, business partners and business associates in all our dealings plays a key role in our company Growth. To be better and to be more better than every day we adopt the high standards of professional code of ethics and professional behaviors.
Client Satisfaction
A satisfied Client is the best business strategy our company follows. During the course of a project, Client’s role is crucial to the overall success of our Company. We always maintain a consistent and timely interactions with them over the complete course of a project, keeping them posted on the updates regularly over the project progress, listening to their needs and changes over the period of the completion of project, seeking the feedback from them and taking care of it, thereby we build and maintain a strong relationship with them. We follow few best practices like valuing client’s time, having a pleasant attitude, providing quality services, providing knowledgeable and resourceful resources to provide better services to them every day. We measure our company success in such a way that how well our clients are satisfied with our services. Our motivation is to surpass customer expectations constantly by understanding their needs and delighting them with a “service excellence” mind-set and behaviors.
Work Culture
The work culture in our company motivates and retains our talented employees. It matters how our management chooses to treat our employees impacts everything in providing a better place to work and in enriching their talents. We create a global mindset that helps us to grow and improve our employees by providing them a performance driven culture that encourages their career growth and personal fulfilment. We strongly believe in working together to foster a work culture that promotes teamwork and collaboration between us that brings out the best in every one of us.
Employee Sense of Belonging
Belonging is a key component of inclusion. When employees are truly included, they perceive that the organization cares for them as individuals and their authentic selves. We always make sure all our employees have a feeling that they belong in the workplace. We put efforts in creating a sense of belonging in the workplace results in greater on-the-job effort and high employee performance. We accept personal responsibility and accountability while conducting our business and performing our duties. We show our care demonstrating benefits and initiatives, incorporating employees input into organizational values to show individuals they have a meaningful role in building a more inclusive workplace We build trust and empowerment by ensuring that our actions match our words. We always remain committed in fulfilling organization goals by owning our company development and growth, adding value to the success of the organization.
Our company is aimed to strive through the development of new ideas and improving existing ideas. Being innovative at work means that we contribute our ideas and solutions to workplace challenges or problems. At Tar Emirates, change has always been driven by continuous innovation in our businesses, products and processes. We are committed to the ideas and innovative growth through our passion, added up by our professional mindset.

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Safety, Health & Environment
Our company’s fundamental responsibility is to provide a safe, healthy work environment for all the employees. We follow a set of HSE processes and procedures identifying potential hazards to a certain environment, developing best practices to reduce or remove those hazards, and then training employees for accident prevention, accident response, etc. Caused by the machines and equipment they worked with.

Our Focus

Tar Emirates has been rapidly growing in Airports Infrastructure Sector due to the high demand for Specialized Airports Contracting Companies with Airports Systems know-how embedded within the construction expertise.

Tar Emirates has been executing various turnkey airfields projects in the UAE:
  • Designing and Constructing Runways, Taxiways, Aircraft Aprons and Air Traffic Control Tower Building
  • Installing and Commissioning of Airfield and NAVAIDS Systems.
  • Providing related Electrical, Communications and MEP Infrastructures.

Projects Experience

We have an extensive experience in constructing Airfields, Roads & Highways. We pride ourselves in completing our projects, always exceeding our clients’ expectations for all the 3 constraints (Schedule / Budget/ Quality).

Areas of Expertise

  • Construction of Airport Infrastructure Works
  • Construction of Roads & Highways
  • Building Constructions
  • Concrete Paving Works (Slipform Paver GHP 2800)
  • Asphalt Paving Works (PMB / Non-PMB)
  • Wet Mix
  • Cut and Fill
  • Earth Works
  • Pavement Marking (Hot & Cold Apply)
  • Drainage and Sewerage Works
  • Kerbstone Works
  • Interlocking Works
  • Street Lighting Works
  • Civil Works for all Supporting Airfield Systems
  • Security Fencing & Security Gates

Our People

Tar Emirates has ensured to build a team of expert individuals, specialized in airports design and execution field, with the aim to increase, develop and sustain the focus on up-to-date experience and technologies. Our projects are handled by people with a wide range of specialized skills, which comprises of over 300 employees:

  • Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  • Quality Managers and Officers
  • HSE Managers and Officers
  • Land and Quality Surveyors Technicians
  • Foreman’s, Supervisors and Skilled Workers
  • vehicle drivers and machinery operators

    Our Machinery

    To execute our projects to the highest standards, we have equipped our team with the best and advanced machineries available in the industry.

    • Asphalt Pavers

    • Slipform Paver (GOMACO 2800), Texture Curing Machine

    • Rollers, Graders, Wheel Loaders and Excavators
    • Articulated Trucks, Tankers etc.,

    • All Machineries required for Airfield and Road/Highway Constructions

    Contact Us

      Our Office

      Office No: 04, Floor: M, Building No: C46

      Muroor Road P.O. Box: 74298

      Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates


      Tel: +971 2 583 3385

      Fax : +971 2 583 3895


      Email: info@taremirates.ae

      Email: projects@taremirates.ae

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